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XIII is a challenging action quest game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment
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XIII is a action quest game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. The memory sequences and the story narrated at the beginning of the game are displayed in small frames as though you were reading a comic book.

At the beginning of the game, you wake up yourself in a desolated bungalow on a beach next to a young beautiful lady in a swimsuit. She will explain what you are doing there and what your first mission is. As soon as she finishes explaining all the details to you, she gets killed by some gun shots coming from outside. You have to escape all the gun fires, kill your aggressor and steal a car to accomplish the first mission, and all of this using one little knife. A little hint: use your pistol in long range shootings, because the aim is not precise. You will shoot in vain, and loose all your ammunition if you use your Kalasnikov on distance shootings.

As for the gameplay and graphic engines there are pluses and minuses. The graphic looks a little bit rough, the details are quite blurry and the human shapes resemble caricatures. These disadvantages are affecting the gameplay a little bit, but the storyline and action feeling overcomes all disadvantages.
A nice feature of this game is the cooperative multiplayer mode named “Cover Me.” You will be able to play alongside your friends, and complete your mission more aptly, by using the entire team's skills

Although some years passed since this game was developed, it is still a shooting game that can and will captivate your attention, and steal some hours of playing.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Great "Cover Me" mode
  • Easy to play and finish


  • Dusty graphics
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